Our Story

Our company’s story is a bit roundabout beginning with me, the founder so strap in for some turns.

My pursuit of excellence has always had a strong tie to the foods I put in my body.

If you ask any of my friends they’ll tell you how much I love and care for myself. It’s a bit American Psycho’esque and at this point it’s gotten to a point where I agree.

Hashtag -  “I can do 1,000 now.”

I became enveloped in nutrition and health foods at the age of 16 when I began to diet in order to cut weight for wrestling.

My mom had the South Beach Diet on her shelf and it was all the rage back then.

I can’t tell you why and I still don’t fully understand but I quickly found myself enraptured in information about different foods, nutritional values, and their effects.

In many ways I found my passion that day.

I absolutely love food.

I love to cook. I love grocery shopping. And more than anything I love how good good food makes me feel.

What’s the saying?

“There’s nothing that tastes as good as feeling good.”

Well I strongly believe we can have both.

The more I eat healthier, whole foods the more my palate loves their full natural flavors.

Dessert however has always been a whole 'nother animal though hasn’t it?

I mean I pretty much fully cut them out years ago, sugar for that matter too.

As I dated and hung out with friends I’d occasionally get peer pressured into a lick here and there but none really came from my own discretion.

Anyhoo, I’ve always wanted to own my own company in addition to being interested in the food space.

I mean if I could create something that I was both passionate about and helped people be healthier it’d be a win-win.

Enter me finding ghee.

My journey into food ventures began years ago.

I tried protein bars, studied them religiously, made bone broth - explored selling it, and then I was introduced to ghee.


How I love you.

I f*ckin love ghee.

I can’t tell you how much.

My heart could explode thinking about how much I love ghee.

This magical, beautiful, full-flavored, healthy fat

The only way ghee could be better would be if I had known about it earlier in my life.

But good things come with time right?

I started cooking with ghee around two years ago and was blown away by it.

EVERYTHING tasted better.

Every single thing I cooked with it.

So I asked myself. What else could I do with this?

Not a nano-second later did the idea of chocolate pop into my head.

I looked up some recipes for chocolate bars and my bar came out soft. It wouldn’t harden!


What a wasted idea.

Until my girlfriend at the time said she liked it. And she hates chocolate.

And then said “hey, it’s like Nutella.”

Oh shit, it is like Nutella.

Okay maybe there’s something here.

So I played around with it, sent it to friends as a surprise without them knowing what it was and got feedback.

When my cousin got it in the mail she legit thought it was anthrax.

What a narcissist right?

Anna nobody’s tryna kill you with chocolate anthrax.

Most had good feedback and I tinkered on the points that didn’t.

I brought some to a Detox Dudes retreat and the group gobbled down a jar in 5 minutes.

I realized that if this incredibly health-centric group both liked it and approved of its’ ingredients then it had to be brought into the world.

With some pushing from friends (thank you Jordan and Erica) I quickly launched into local farmer's markets and the rest is history.

I’m now on a mission to bring Gheelish everywhere.

I want to bring you more flavors and eventually expand into other healthier, lower sugar, higher quality dessert products.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope it was entertaining.

I promise to continue to do my best to entertain and bring as much value as I can with this brand.

That’s the true gift of getting to run this company.

Thank you for the support.

Have an awesome fun-filled day.