Ghee The Good Fat

Oh Ghee, our beloved ghee.

Undoubtedly, ghee is slowly but surely coming into the public eye.

This miracle fat has a long and tumultuous history.

It has been praised for thousands of years in some parts of the world; in others, it earned a fatal reputation.

Today, the medicinal and culinary uses of ghee are being widely studied in the United States, as well as other places around the globe.

Essentially, ghee is a step beyond clarified butter.

Simply put, butter is made to boil until all the water content has evaporated, and the milk solids separate from the fat.

What’s left over, then, is pure butter fat.

However, similarly to how wine is more than just grape juice, ghee also seems to transcend the sum of its parts.

Ghee is both rich in history and its’ ability to care for the body.

In Hindu mythology ghee represents creation, auspiciousness, and nourishment in its purest form.

Moreover, it’s a food that is believed to be sattvic, or in the mode of goodness. It’s revered for its purity, harmoniousness, and peacefulness.

Those that consume it gain strength and peace of mind, as well as health and longevity.

In the scientific community Ghee has been found to:

  • Lower overall cholesterol
  • Support heart health
  • Heal and repair the digestive tract
  • Detoxify the body
  • Have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Be anti-cancerous

Many modern lifestyle diets including the Paleo diet and the Keto diet have praised ghee and incorporated it into their nutritional philosophies.

If you haven’t incorporated ghee into your lifestyle yet please do.

Start cooking with it.

Cook anything with it!

Replace your other cooking oils with ghee.

It has a higher smoke point and is more flavorful.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

Now go use some ghee!

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